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Parts & Accessories

NEXEL offers many types of parts and accessories that meet the requirements of a wide range of uses.

  • Shelf Clip (4 Pair)
    Shelf Clip (4 Pair)

    Simply snap on 4 pairs of shelf clips to 4 posts at the desired shelf height and slide shelf over.

  • Label Holder
    Label Holder

    Sold in package quantity of 25.
    3" black, 3" clear, 12" clear or 24" clear.

  • Post Clamp
    Post Clamp

    Securely joins two sections together. Available in two sizes. 7/16" space or 1-3/8" space.

  • Small 1/2" Collar Hook
    Small 1/2 Collar Hook

    Use with wire bin shelving. Allows angling.

  • Large 1/2" Collar Hook
    Large 1/2 Collar Hook
  • Shelf Dividers
    Shelf Dividers

    Chrome shelf dividers can attach at any point along the shelf.

  • Ledges


  • Utility Basket
    Utility Basket

    Utility basket hooks on to shelf. 18-/4" x 11-1/4" x 7-1/2"H.

  • Rubber Mallet
    Rubber Mallet

    Use rubber mallet to tamp down shelf while installing.

  • Shelf Collar Plug
    Shelf Collar Plug

    Finish the look and feel of your Nexel shelving by using on shelf collar.

  • Post Cap
    Post Cap

    Place on top of post to prevent post from filling with unwanted material.

  • Locking Post Collar
    Locking Post Collar

    For additional shelf support.

  • Wall Mounting Bracket
    Wall Mounting Bracket

    Secures post to wall. 2" clearance.

  • Aluminum Shelf Clip
    Aluminum Shelf Clip

    For ESD conversion.

  • Document Holder
    Document Holder

    Convenient document holder easily attaches to wire shelf.

  • Non Marring Floor Glide
    Non Marring Floor Glide

    Floor glide helps protect your floor from scratches and damage caused by moving shelving unit.

  • Post Leveler Bolt & Insert
    Post Leveler Bolt & Insert

    Post levelers get inserted into bottom of post to help level unit on uneven surfaces.

  • 3-1/2" Donut Bumper
    3-1/2 Donut Bumper

    Bumpers help prevent damage to walls and desks when rolling shelving unit.

  • Foot Plate
    Foot Plate

    Securely anchor your shelving unit to the floor with these convenient floor plates.

  • S Hook
    S Hook

    2 hooks are needed for add on units.

  • Wire Keyboard Drawer Shelf
    Wire Keyboard Drawer Shelf
  • Cart Handles
    Cart Handles

    Add a cart handle to any shelving unit with wheels creating a handy rolling cart.

  • Tray Slide Inserts
    Tray Slide Inserts
  • Suspension Hook
    Suspension Hook

    Reposition suspension hooks to adjust shelves in seconds.

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